Escapes: We know the world


For all the risk-takers, the adventurers and the true explorers out there, this one is for you. Travel into a unique nomad experience as you take on the mountains and meadows of the Zuunbayan and Baruunbayan valleys by horseback.

Escapes: We know the world

for the adventure lovers

Start your journey overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Zuunbayan Valley and gradually cross over to the Mongolian landscapes to reach the Hadan Hoshuu steppes valley. Along the way you will discover some spectacular terrain, intriguing historical sites and be exposed to the traditional nomadic herding culture. Experience all Mongolia has to offer, from incredible sights to the soothing sounds of the Mongolian countryside filled with its incredible wildlife, in a Tentipi or a ger camp. The ger has remained at the heart of Mongolian family life, with almost half of the country's population choosing to live in these traditional tents. Feast on a range of Mongolian foods as you enjoy traditional Mongolian throat singing performances sung by the locals. Nights are spent under the stars and days, travelling up the valleys, forests and reaching the peaks for panoramic views, a truly unique experience that will have you telling stories for years to come.